Two things related to Twitter’s favourite movie, Knives Out: Last night #chrisevansisoverparty was trending and there always seems to be one of these hashtags trending – turns out it’s was not related to the Chris Evans many of us know as a Captain America, but a different person altogether. Next, #KnivesOut2 was trending because of the anticipation around the sequel. I love the same cast/different characters idea.


Busy Philipps is launching a new podcast, which seems like a natural fit. We know Busy is a talker and a feeler and an examiner and this is the medium for that. 

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This is a new podcast- it launches August 17th. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It has me and my showrunner(and now business partner) from Busy Tonight Caissie St. Onge @instacais and my dear sweet writer/performer from Busy Tonight Shantira Jackson @tira_tira_tira (who is also one of my favorite humans) and it launches August 17th(did i already say that?) Listen. I don’t really know what to write here because things are weird and I feel weird BUT! Am I doing my best? Yes. I am. But the truth is complicated and so is this business and this world and this past year has been messy- actually- I mean the past several years have been really- And at this point, I’ve have been so many damn PIVOTS (personally and professionally) that I’m basically the couch from FRIENDS. So. This podcast. We’re gonna talk to each other, about stuff we’ve been doing and trying to do; and shit that we care about, whether it’s big like social activism or small like HOW MUCH IS BEN AFFLECK GETTING PAID BY DUNKIN?! And ALSO we’re gonna talk to some of our favorite humans (who may or may not be famous) about times in their own lives when they had to PIVOT and it brought them to an even better place. OR maybe a worse place. OR POSSIBLY JUST A DIFFERENT PLACE because who’s to say?! WE DON’T KNOW ALL THINGS!! Anyway. I don’t know about you- but I have a feeling many of us are feeling a collective PIVOT at this very moment. So. I don’t know...let’s just fucking talk about it. 💜🤷🏼‍♀️💜 (thank you @hollywoodreporter for putting it out into the world this is happening- @kirstenchuba was very nice to talk to and I’ll put a swipe up in my stories if you wanna read the article)

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Kacey Musgraves hadn’t posted on Instagram in about two months and came back, post-divorce announcement, with three new photos. I think this is an excellent strategy as she will publicly move on quickly. Way back in another lifetime (January) she deleted all photos of her husband and him of her, which is kind of perfect because it saves her the hassle of having to navigate the “to delete or not to delete” problem now. She can just continue on. 


I’ve been following the search for Orlando Bloom’s dog Mighty and unfortunately that search has ended. It is too sad. 

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Mighty’s on the other side now. After 7 days of searching from sunrise to sunset and into the wee hours, today, the 7th day ~the number of completion~ we found his collar... I have wept more this week than I thought possible, which has been very cathartic and healing... I left no stone unturned, crawled thru all the man holes, under the roads, searched every back yard and creek bed. Had two separate sniffer dogs do their best as well. I feel so grateful to have learned from my little Mighty man that love is eternal and the true meaning of devotion. I feel sure he was looking down on me whistling in every back yard and knowing that I was doing all I possibly could to respect our bond. He was more than a companion. It was a soul connection for sure. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you. RIP my MIGHTY HEART my little fellow A ♠️’s ❤️Thank you to the community for allowing me to search through their yards for him and supporting my midnight walks. It was reassuring to see the best of people even in the worst of times. To the angels of @dogdayssar I’m forever in your debt. You ladies are heaven sent. Lastly thank you to @scottcampbell for the ink. I love you brother❤️l

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This is some hot sh-t right here – Jessica Chastain, Eva Longoria, Uzo Aduba, Jennifer Garner, America Ferrera, Serena Williams and Natalie Portman are part of the ownership group of We Are Angel City soccer team. It seems very fitting that a team in LA is owned by a group of famous women and this will bring so much buzz, something women’s sports leagues need as they are often less covered by traditional media. Take it to social media to get the fans hyped! It’s similar to what David Beckham is doing in Miami. 


I love a parody magazine cover, which is why I love Town & Country covers (they read like parodies). This set of food magazine covers, mocked up by New Yorker food writer Helen Rosner, has so much detail I can’t pick a favourite, but “49 Indecipherably Variations on a Roast Chicken Recipe” is one I keep going back to. (Click the thumbnails to expand.) Oh and if you do need a roast chicken recipe, Helen Rosners’s recipe went viral. The blow dryer technique really works. 

Before there was Ana de Armas, Ben Affleck was taking pap walks with his other half – a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Hunter Harris at Vulture digs deep into the machinations of the Dunkin’ run: does he have a standing order? What is his drink of choice? Is this a spon-con deal? What about his dalliances with Starbucks? She even got Dunkin’ to comment on the record about his order. This is the investigation we need.