If you thought Ashton Kutcher was the kind of person to test his wife on crypto currency terms, you’d be right. Are they workshopping this skit for Ellen?


Ten days after announcing their separation, Scooter Braun has filed for divorce from Yael Cohen. That’s a pretty quick turnaround, considering that when it first broke, sources said they were still living together and hoping to work it out. They seem to already have their paperwork in order (no surprise there, as Scooter is all about contracts) – according to TMZ, Laura Wasser did their pre-nup and is now representing Scooter. But back to the timing: how are we reading this? To me, with three small kids in the picture and positioning themselves as still living together and best friends, what’s the catalyst to push the paperwork through? It’s all looking a little “mid-life crisis” to me. That term may be a cliché, but there’s something about the way this was rolled out that is giving me that vibe.


Flip to the second photo to see what is probably a small collection of Cardi B’s Birkins. I counted 27 bags. Is she going for the record? There are sites dedicated to tracking who owns the most Birkins and a quick Google search tells me that Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua is at the top of that list. 

I really enjoy Vogue’s 73 Questions series and as they come up on number 73, who do you think it will be? They’ve done Anna Wintour already, so it won’t be her. My guesses are: Kate Moss, Oprah, or Meghan Markle. All three are very famous and very exclusive interviews for very different reasons. (Kate once did a Q&A with her famous friends for British Vogue.)


Lainey and I were texting about bathing suits this week and this bikini on Lady Gaga is the best suit I’ve seen this summer. I love the star top and Pop Sugar has already sourced the brand (Lali + Layla). 


The Friends reunion special is nominated for an Emmy and is this like a Golden Globe trick of nominating something so the stars show up? I only heard about the nomination because of Courteney Cox’s reaction to it (she was the only cast person on Friends to never be nominated for an acting award, which she says still stings – I can appreciate her honesty).