HGTV is not HBO but it’s just as popular. From what I see on social media, HGTV shows like House Hunters are a guilty pleasure, hate watch, and aspirational TV all rolled into one. People love to hate the shows and some people genuinely love the hosts. It’s passive viewing that asks nothing of its audience. Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack are not Brad and Angelina, but they are a very popular and public partnership – they divorced and kept their show Flip or Flop going. TMZ reported on Tarek berating Christina on set,  but what’s curious is that the quotes are very specific even though there’s no audio yet. They were ready to film and crew was there, so I wonder if that is coming out and someone was trying to get ahead of the story. During the incident, Tarek reportedly shouted “I’m winning.” Is there any bigger sign that a man is a loser than when he says, “I’m winning”? You know who’s probably happy to be out of this mess? Christina’s ex-husband Ant Anstead who is now with… Renee Zellweger. Do you think she took this picture?


It’s hard to remember now, but many celebrities used to tweet with abandon and it was so fun. It’s been a long time since Katy Perry called Taylor Swift “Regina George” or Rihanna shaded Ciara with “good luck booking that stage u speak of” – we don’t get those kind of skirmishes anymore. But we do have Lil Nas X (the best) and Charlie Puth, who drops his little thirst nuggets for our enjoyment. Thank you for your service, boys. 


Biebs for Balenciaga. I love it and I’m not sorry. 

Paulina Porizkova is dating again (she and Aaron Sorkin broke up but are on great terms) and she wants to date. Who can we Gossip Genie her with? I have a suggestion: Liam Neeson. 


Sarah Hudson is a superstar songwriter (she’s co-written many huge hits, like “Dark Horse” and “Levitating”) and here she answers the question so many of us have wondered, but Katy Perry had the courage to ask: how do you wipe your butt with nails like that?

Like the Baldwinitos, my kids are taking tennis lessons this year. And like the Baldwins, I have dressed them in matching outfits. So what I’ve learned is I’m a big enough asshole to fit in in the Hamptons. 


Last I checked, Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio were still together and she was “simple”. She posted about their dogs and I thought they were called Jack and Jill. So where did Sally come from? Is this a different dog altogether? In the comments of the photo album, Jonah Hill references “Jack” – so is Jill now Sally?