This is the first time I’ve noticed Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s “Sam” tattoo. Above his heart, which is a bit old school, right? In a way that totally suits them.

Dog infidelity cuts deep. 


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I’ve been doing a bit of research on Dany Garcia, The Rock’s manager, producing partner and ex-wife, for a story I’m writing. Did you know she’s also Henry Cavill’s manager? It’s true. Since 2015, actually. And I wonder how that works because on the one hand, she is managing one of the most bankable and likable movie stars on the planet. On the other hand is Henry Cavill’s moustache.  


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I’m a late-to-the-party Potterhead. I read the books a few years ago, but I still haven’t seen all the movies. And I had no idea, not a clue, that there are Dramione stans (Draco + Hermione). Seriously? It doesn’t even make sense!


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Elon Musk has been a sh-tshow on Twitter lately, but quiet on the personal front. I checked Grimes’ feed and she retweeted SpaceX this week, so they are probably still happening. 

John Mayer and Ryan Adams are only three years apart in age, but to my eyes, they don’t look like they are in the same age range. Do you think they debate the musical merits of Taylor Swift? Of course these two blowhards would – endlessly.


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What does Lainey like to say about flames burning out fast? Scooter Braun put up a tribute to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson (alongside one for Justin and Hailey) less than 24 hours ago, and Ariana commented “so blessed.” Sometime yesterday, Pete deleted all the photos from his Instagram, then put up two stories: one was of Machine Gun Kelly smoking weed, the other was about the Internet being toxic and him deleting it not being a sign of problems. His life is, to quote his story, “lit.” Ariana turned off her comments yesterday and at the time of writing this, her Instagram is now gone too. Her Twitter is still up. This is not nothing. This is something. But at the rate they are going, everything could be back to normal in an hour.


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