We’ve had so much Leonardo DiCaprio content over the last few days and it’s not the usual kind of summer content we get from him (yachts, water guns, karate with his friends, beach volleyball). On the red carpet, Variety asked him what TV he watches and he mentioned Euphoria, quite enthusiastically. I haven’t seen it, but I do know that his girlfriend Camila Morrone, who posted about the premiere without specifics, and Zendaya, the star of Euphoria, are the same age: 22. 



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Nicole Murphy and director Antoine Fuqua, who has been married to his wife Lela Rochon for 20 years, were photographed kissing in Italy (you can see the shots here). A couple of days later, Nicole told LoveBScott that they ran into each other and it was just a friendly hello. If you look at the photos, they said a “friendly hello” a few times, all around the pool. 


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Liam knows his place (it’s in the spotlight, as lead singer).


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As Lainey has mentioned, Prince Andrew is tied to Jeffrey Epstein (and has been for years) and there’s been a subtle massaging of his image, making him out to be the stable one in the Royal Family. It’s not unusual for Princess Eugenie to post about her parents, but wishing them a happy anniversary is certainly meant to be noticed. She turned off comments on this post and she doesn’t always do that. 


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Buff Neil Patrick Harris looks like Luke Evans. 


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If Mariah Carey scrolls through Instagram today, she will be very confused because everyone is wishing someone called “JLo” a Happy Birthday. Mariah doesn’t know her. 


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