Yesterday, a hearing was supposed to take place regarding Britney Spears’s conservatorship but it had to be cancelled because the Zoom call was infiltrated by people who weren’t supposed to be there and wouldn’t log off, a uniquely 2020 problem. It will have to be postponed and there’s no change on that front. Yesterday, I listened to a podcast featuring Britney’s brother Bryan Spears and while it was all about Britney and overall family dynamic (it seemed no question was off the table and they spoke about the #FreeBritney movement), I was left with a lot more questions than answers. Bryan and Britney seem close and the family is intact (he mentioned specifically there have been no long estrangements), but most of the questions about her current life were answered with “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.” Evasive, yes, but also curious as Bryan was, at one point, very involved (he and Brit lived together for four years during the Las Vegas residency era). He mentioned she recently visited them in Louisiana. Bryan does not seem like someone who wants or enjoys the spotlight so I wonder why he agreed to the interview (he didn’t seem to have a connection to the podcast) on that particular day, the day of the hearing? So many questions. (Here’s the YouTube link if you want to watch/listen in full.)

I read about Dave Franco and the Vanilla Ice biopic a few days ago and forgot to write about it and I’m SO MAD that Lainey got to it before me. I begrudgingly agree with everything she says and can’t wait to see Dave’s shaved eyebrow. This is the second movie to center Robert Van Winkle. Remember Cool as Ice? Gwyneth was supposed to be in it but her dad wouldn’t let her take the part. 

Empire ended abruptly after sluggish ratings and off-camera drama, so many fans felt the show was cut short by the finale. Well, there’s more Cookie in the jar (sorry about that) – Taraji P. Henson is working on a spin-off. All the good things for Taraji.

Kelly Rowland wished Michelle Williams a HBD a few times, including one group shot. I love that Kelly tagged Beyoncé, like it’s just a regular person who needs a tag. 

Justin Bieber announced his 2021 tour dates on the same day as the Taylor album drop – again, coincidence or conspiracy? Beyond that, I understand the need for planning (other artists, like Harry Styles, have rescheduled as well) but the idea of an indoor concert seems really far away, right? Imagine being in a space with 20,000 other people screaming and singing – that’s a lot of droplets. 

Just a reminder that Kerry Washington has children that we’ve never seen and don’t know anything about, yet she is one of the most active and politically engaged actresses working today. It is such a specific and effective career strategy that I wish we could know more about, but I guess talking about it would defeat the purpose of privacy. 

My beloved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are in trouble! The Row is experiencing some financial difficulties, including debt (from the Barneys bankruptcy) and supply chain issues. Some problems relate to the pandemic and some are long-standing brand concerns: The Row has relied on the brick-and-mortar experience and is lagging behind in online shopping. So what now? I don’t see them going mid-market (they have Elizabeth and James for that) but I also don’t see them giving up on such a prestigious brand. 

The Row is not the only fashion business feeling the pinch – the NYT is reporting that the pandemic has left the Diane von Furstenberg brand “exposed” to its multi-year losses, something that was obscured by her glamorous lifestyle. 

And finally, a very inside baseball look at magazines and social media with a whole lot of legalese – the Paper Magazine Instagram account has been deleted and they say it has to do with ongoing issues of paps suing celebrities and magazines. It’s complicated. And it’s ironic that the magazine that coined “break the internet” with a cover is now, at least temporarily, broken.