This photo has been floating around on Reddit and made it to Twitter. It can’t be real, can it? How did no one in this picture think, “Someone’s going to post this on the Internet, guys.”

You know what’s a major difference between the 90s supermodels and today’s Insta-girls? The appearance of clean living. We expected Kate, Naomi etc. to live and party hard – that was part of the allure. Beautiful women doing bad things. Now they are expected to go to spin class and drink matcha tea and lights out at 9 p.m.


i don't smoke

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I quit 🚭

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Paris Hilton’s brand is “early aughts fossil.” It’s like Encino Man but with low-rise jeans and handkerchief tops.

Why the f-ck is Game of Thrones encouraging Jorah/Khaleesi stanning? I rebuke this! Daenerys is supposed to be this otherworldly Queen and Jorah is a skeeve who sulks when she has sex. And I know it’s all relative in this world, but he was a slave trader – that’s why he was exiled by Ned, right? So why are we supposed to cheer for Jorah?

I’ve said this before but I am consistently impressed with Naomi Campbell’s birthday shout-outs. She remembers everyone! In the comments someone once asked her if it was an assistant or calendar that reminded her and she said no, she does it by memory. She also picks really good photos – flattering and nostalgic.


@sirjagger @mickjagger #happybirthday ❤️🎂🙏🏾

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I would say “yes” to this question.

It’s cottage season for the Gerbers – granny swims and greasy spoon poutine, as she told Vogue. Do you think George and Amal may get a place there now that they have twins? I don’t know if Muskoka was exactly George’s speed before he had a family, but I guess they have the English country house for bucolic scenery and privacy.


Late cottage breakfast for these two!

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What do you think Trey Songz wrote to Halle Berry? The responses to this tweet are goddamn funny – a lot of encouragement.

Miley and Liam want everyone to know they miss one another.


Seems all I can do... is write songs about YOU... ❤️🎼❤️🎼❤️🎼

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Little girl. Big world. #takemeback

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