Is Win a Date with Tad Hamilton a movie you will watch on a Sunday afternoon? I think it’s part of the early aughts rom-com cannon, but it goes wrong in one key way. She (Kate Bosworth) should have ended up with the famous “jerk” Tad Hamilton. The Nice Guy (Topher Grace) shouldn’t have gotten the girl. He was awful. 


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You know I love analyzing celebrity birthday wishes, and this one is next level. Rita Ora posted a photo of herself flashing to wish her best friend a Happy Birthday. (Do you think her best friend can name a Rita Ora song?)


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Is it Kiki or Keke? Either way, I’m extremely into Lala Anthony’s look.


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How excited was Rachel Bilson to get this screenshot? So excited.


Are the Foster sisters ever going to be famous? Not LA famous, not fame-adjacent, but household-name famous. Erin is currently attached to a series, Daddy Issues, which is about a young woman whose “world is turned upside down when she discovers her dad’s fallen in love with her best friend.” David Foster is listed as an executive producer on IMDb, but when is it airing? 


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How fast did Channing Tatum hit the like button on this photo? 


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I hope Aubrey Plaza and the 25-foot statue of Jeff Goldblum will be very happy together.


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Sophie Turner by Brooklyn Beckham. If she wasn’t engaged to a Jonas, I’d definitely Gossip Genie this. 


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