Did you know Greta Gerwig was supposed to star in a spin-off of How I Met Your Mother but the pilot was a disaster with test audiences and it didn’t go anywhere? She could have been locked into a seven-year sitcom project so clearly things worked out. But I would love to see that pilot. Someone must have a copy.


Even Eva Mendes is getting in on Barbie marketing. We need a hybrid word for how hard every person involved went in promoting this movie. Tom Cruise levels of commitment here.


Cookie and Magic Johnson on their annual trip to Europe and they stopped in Sicily. His dad captions crack me up.


Ariana Grande has limited comments on her Instagram, waiting for the gossip around the timing of her new relationship to pass. (And it will pass – there’s always a new story around the corner.) As Lainey pointed out, the timeline is funky. I think it’s a little more than funky and even as publications like PEOPLE tiptoe around it, people know what’s up. They were both married when filming started and on-set romances are common but the fact that they might have been so blatant is pretty shady. I was talking to a friend about this yesterday and my theory with someone like Ariana (who has a proven track record for falling hard and fast) is that the belief in forever makes it “worth it’” in the moment. The turmoil is part of the process. It’s part of the thrill. This kind of public scrutiny could be bonding them right now. But realistically, is Ariana Grande going to live in New York with him? He has a child (with his now-ex wife, who he has been with since high school) so he could move but logistically it would be harder. And what happens when she tours, does he go with her? How would that work? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself as they still have to finish and promote this film, which is another year of work (at least!). 


Vogue covers Sofia Richie a lot and recently shot a video with her and her husband. Sofia seems very nice and he seems fine and it’s all just very nice. The hook here is that the newlyweds are happy. Are people interested in watching them eat brunch? Anna Wintour is not immune to the march of the algorithm so this couple must generate clicks because I can’t imagine they would spend the time/expense to have this shot done. Video is extremely expensive. This is the same kind of coverage the Peltz-Beckhams received and I almost wonder if these wealthy young couples are footing their own bill for the shoots.