Orlando Bloom missed out on Leonardo DiCaprio’s gala because he is in Bangladesh doing work with Unicef. I’m thinking he probably has some control over his travel schedule with Unicef, so interesting that he’d skip it. Maybe not officially a Wolf Pack member after all?


#sweet16 and her son is 7months old #life round here #dhaka #bangladesh 🇧🇩

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The OG Wolf Pack was out in full force though – but they didn’t get a big enough St. Tropez allowance to buy anything at the auction.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have adopted a dog and re-named him Elvis. I’m guessing Lainey approves.


Elvis is so mad at Trump his tie is all askew.

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Kate Beckinsale responded to Sarah Silverman’s caption with, in part, “You had me at ‘I can’t believe my boyfriend ever dated this pig.’ I worship your vagina and all who sail in it.” Look, Gwyneth can consciously uncouple all she wants but until she is talking about Annabelle Wallis’s vagina, Kate and Michael Sheen have her and Chris beat.

She’ll confirm this but not the other thing?!

I REALIZE I’m the only one who cares but Meg Ryan and John Mellancamp are back together!


Heading to the @CFDA Fashion Awards with @csiriano !

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Because I am equal parts petty and nosey, I checked and Linda Evangelista follows Salma Hayek on Instagram, but Salma doesn’t follow Linda. What do you think it means, if anything?


It's all about the #light la Luz lo es todo #nofilter

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Elizabeth Hurley and David Foster are allegedly dealing with each other, which makes a lot of sense. They both have a rich dude/beautiful woman dating pattern.