Over at Vulture, Brian Moylan wrote about Amy Adams’ on-screen reporting skills in Sharp Objects. This started a Twitter conversation – who is the worst fictional reporter? I don’t know the answer to that, but I would guess someone from Superman because Clark Kent fooled everyone with glasses. But if I had to throw in a suggestion for the BEST reporter in a movie, it would be the kid from Almost Famous. 



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I would definitely read a guide to bathing suit care written by Emily Ratajkowski. How does she organize them? How many does she own? What is her criteria for buying a new bikini? How does she wash them? 


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Yesterday, Lainey posted about Harry and Meghan at polo with their friends Nacho Figueras and Delfina Blaquier, an insanely photogenic couple. And do you know who Nacho and Delfina are very tight with? The Seinfelds. They hang together in the Hamptons. Could Harry and Meghan do the Hamptons? Would that be allowed?


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When I go to on a tropical vacation, I like to dress like I’m on a tropical vacation. I don’t go crazy, but I will crack out a pair of pineapple print sneakers or a straw beach tote. Isn’t that part of the fun? Joe and Sofia seem like they would be fun on vacation because they embrace it. 


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Orlando Bloom is currently performing in Killer Joe on the West End. During a matinee, he had to tell an audience member to put away her iPad – twice. Many are applauding it, but the man sitting behind her said that her in defence, she was using it as a fan (I guess you can plug a small fan into an iPad?) and wasn’t trying to take a picture, which the man demonstrated by taking a picture of her. (Even though all theatres have a no photography rule, which this dude broke.) Basically it’s a theatre clusterf-ck. But, in Orlando’s defense, iPad’s are very distracting. Even the mini iPads are so much more distracting than the biggest size iPhone.  


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US Weekly, which is far from a lock these days, has a new cover story about Jennifer Garner. A “source” in the story said that Jennifer doesn’t want Lindsay Shookus around the Affleck children, which is a pretty solid guess for a tabloid to make. And it can’t really be disproven because Jen won’t come out and defend Lindsay (like Gwyneth Paltrow sort of did with Jennifer Lawrence) and Ben certainly can’t publicly go against the (saintly) mother of his children. So Jen Garner wins, again. Does Ben ever get tired of having his ass handed to him by her, or is he grateful for it?


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