Ariana Grande’s makeup line with R.E.M. has launched with a video of her doing her own makeup. She seems like a pro, which is important because the beauty and makeup influencers (and their followers) can definitely spot when someone doesn’t know how to use their own products. 


Riverdale has wrapped it’s final season and KJ Apa shaved his head. Um, this whole time I thought he was a natural redhead? Am I really dumb? Did everyone know he’s a brunette? I’m a little shook.


Vogue covered the wedding of Michael Ratner and Lauren Rothberg; he runs a media company and she runs a marketing company. The hook here is their friendship with the Biebers, who were at the wedding. (Hailey posted photos of her look on Instagram but nothing from the wedding, maybe because of the Vogue exclusive.) Justin and Hailey seem to have a lot of couple friends. They were close with Scooter Braun and Yael Cohen (until they broke up), Carl and Laura Lentz (they fell out before the Hillsong scandal broke), and Judah and Chelsea Smith (of Churchome). Justin and Hailey are in the early years of their marriage and the great thing about befriending other couples is you can form really deep friendships that last for decades. The downside is sometimes a couple you do everything with gets divorced and that’s an awkward social situation. And navigating it, even without taking sides, can bring up conflict.


When Beyoncé has a new album out but there’s a pandemic still happening and outbreak that is growing. A real conundrum.

Celebrities are doing a “friends don’t let friends skip elections” thing on social media and I get the intent but they need to read the room, just a little bit. Many Americans are tired and angry about mass shootings, about abortion rights, about many systemic inequalities. And they are justified in their rage. No one wants to be lectured by celebrities. I’m not picking on Anne Hathaway specifically here, hers is just the first one that came up in my feed.


Speaking of celebrities talking out of their ass on social issues, a list is circulating of the celebrities who create the most carbon emissions due to private jet usage and there’s some we would expect (Kim Kardashian), some I didn’t (like Mark Wahlberg, only because he doesn’t seem to travel a lot?) and ARod (how does he afford a jet?). Coming in at number one is Taylor Swift and, um, Swifities are bending over backwards to try to justify this. The most creative excuse I read on Twitter is that she needs to do this for safety – her plane has to make multiple stops so her stalkers don’t know where she is. She no doubt has stalkers but her plane has taken 170 flights since January, so come on, no. All of these people are probably pissed at Kylie Jenner, who kicked off this conversation.