This morning, Lainey posted about Rihanna and her shirt and I’m also going to do that, but about a different shirt. We know Rihanna is a big Housewives fan and watches at minimum four franchises (Salt Lake City, New York, Potomac, and Beverly Hills) because she has directly interacted with those casts (either via DM, joining their Instagram lives or tweeting about them). She also watches Shahs of Sunset and Vanderpump Rules (and posted a clip from it). Last night, Rihanna posted a photo of herself and a clip from the show that mentions her – she is wearing Married to the Mob, which NYC cast member Leah McSweeney owns. So if anyone ever tries to TV shame you for watching these shows, remember one of the most important tastemakers in the world watches them too. 


I’m going to keep on the reality TV train here with news that Chrishell Stause is dating her on-TV boss Jason Oppenheimer. This is setting them up for a great season and anyone who falls in love this summer has the pop culture of mirror of Bennifer 2.0. Everyone wants that JLo glow.

Yesterday I didn’t post about Bob Odenkirk because I was very nervous and worried about him, but now that his son has tweeted, it feels OK to repost it. The most important thing (obviously) is that he is recovering and resting. I also want to talk about how the story broke. TMZ is usually first on medical emergencies and they got the scoop on this, with some details wrong. They said he collapsed in LA, and then updated it to read he was in New Mexico on set for Better Call Saul. Then, for the entire day, they knew nothing. To me, it seems like someone on set tipped them off after the emergency but once Bob was moved to the hospital, TMZ lost the exclusive because in New Mexico, their reporters do not have the same kind of access they do in LA. The story wasn’t meant to get out and I do wonder if the producers will try to identify the on-set leak because if someone is going into an ambulance in an emergency, it’s pretty sh-tty to notify TMZ. That’s somewhat expected in LA, but not in a situation like this, where you’ve worked with a tight crew for a long time and there should be a lot of trust on set. 


The Twitter prompt asking people which couple they want to see reunite continues, with Samantha Ronson weighing in on herself. I mean, there’s absolutely less than zero chance but I can appreciate that she appreciates it. Samantha is in a long-term relationship with Cassandra Grey, who owns luxury and celebrity-adored beauty site Violet Grey (she was married to mega producer Brad Grey until his death). Since we are kicking it way back, let’s include the Ronsons’ Harper’s BAZAAR photoshoot that styled the siblings as the Royal Tenenbaums – such a moment

Earlier this week I wrote that I’ve never watched The Princess Bride and I came across this photo and realized I’ve also never seen The Princess Diaries. Maybe I’ve just avoided “princess” movies?! This is turning into a theme.


As the Beckhams continue their yachting vacation (most summers they meet up with Elton John and his family, I wonder if that is happening?), Brooklyn is at home with his fiancé Nicola Peltz. He’s been posting a lot of cooking content and I wonder if he’s going to try to turn this into a cookbook or cooking show, a zillenial Jamie Oliver (without the chef background). The Beckhams do a very good job of turning their interests into businesses (as Lainey said, Victoria can wear herself head-to-toe now) because they have the brand name and money to fund themselves. 


Camila Morrone turns 25 next summer. Dun dun dunnnnn.