This is interesting – a possible thirst trap. But is Jenny setting it for Riz or is Riz setting it for Jenny? They are working on a movie so I’m sure it’s totally above board, professional friendliness and nothing else. But it would be delightful, wouldn’t it? (Thank you for the screenshot, Elizabeth!)


If you’ve been reading this column a while, you know I love to dissect celebrity birthday shout-outs, but today I want to switch it up with this post from Kaley Cuoco’s weekend wedding. Her co-star Jonathan Galecki posted this photo, cropping out most of the bride and half of the groom’s head. People immediately jumped into the comments because (I guess?) Kaley and Johnny used to date and many thought this was his way of expressing his heartbreak. Nah, he was kidding; he made it clear this is a joke between them. But who knew there was Big Bang fan-fic. 

Speaking of congratulations posts, this is how Mark Wahlberg celebrated a basketball trade. He was probably itching for an excuse to use this picture for something.


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The Beckhams’ anniversary is tomorrow, July 4. We are on high-alert, right? It was a quiet weekend on social media but she did post a story of him in the pool (so we know they are at least in the same house). And this, from Harper’s school run, showing off her adorable hair. How would you describe it? I want to say braided space buns, but I’m not sure that’s correct.


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Paulina Gretzky posted this on her Instagram story – did she and Dustin Johnson get married? 


I’ve wondered about Dianna Agron and Carey Mulligan’s relationship as band in-laws (both of their husbands are in Mumford & Sons). I could only find one hit of them publicly hanging out together but that doesn’t mean much – going back to 2015, Carey namechecked Dianna as one of her only real industry friends, and they obviously have a familial-type connection, they just usually keep it off the ‘gram.


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There is this one celebrity (I would consider her B-list on the Internet, and D-list in real life) who is always on vacation and constantly posts shots from yachts, resorts, hotel balconies etc. But I’ve often suspected the photos are not rolled out in real time and Chrissy Teigen has confirmed my suspicion. She is the truth-teller we need right now.

Someone asked Liam if Noel is better than him, and this was his response. Clearly feeling sentimental.