This morning, I wrote about the possible cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and what it means for the brand. One of my favourite celebrity social media posts, ever, is about Victoria’s Secret. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. 


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Do you think The Rock uses a Moleskine notebook? Or does he go for something more luxurious, like a Smythson or Hermes. I don’t see him spending $600 on paper, even though he could obviously afford it. 


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The Righteous Gemstones, a new HBO show about a family of televangelists starring John Goodman and Danny McBride, is premiering in August. It’s already programmed into my PVR. Danny went on Kimmel to promote this show, and he told a story about Kanye West. Basically, Kanye called Danny out of the blue, flew down to Charleston to meet him and pitched him on a biopic, with McBride playing Kanye. It sounds wild, and exactly like something Kanye would do. Danny said the pitch was brilliant. Kanye has earned every eyeroll he gets, but is no one else even a little intrigued by this? “Brilliant” is a strong word. 


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Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness are always joking about being together, which means they aren’t, but maybe they want to be? I wonder if there’s a friendzone situation happening here, or a FWB situation, or if it’s just a highly flirtatious vibe, all the time. 


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I might not watch this movie, but I would gleefully read Sarah’s review of it.