If I told you this picture was taken 10 years ago, would you believe it? It was taken this week, but they both look young, don’t they? I have never really appreciated how girlish Penelope Cruz is, probably because I only see her in gowns on the red carpet or in movies. And Lenny, well we know. His looks at this point are legendary. He’s entering into unicorn blood anti-aging territory.


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A quick Google search tells me Selena Gomez is still the most followed person on Instagram. But her Instagram participation is usually done in batches and unpredictably – after eight new posts from a video, she might not put anything up for two weeks. This is what I have come to appreciate about Selena – the push and pull she’s created with her image. And the tiny bit of mystique she’s managed to cultivate in an era that rewards total exposure. 


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Is Sam Smith wearing pajamas, or is this a male romper (which will forever more make me think of Taika Waititi)? Either way it looks very comfortable. 


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Pre-made salad mixes need to calm the f-ck down.

One celebrity tidbit we won’t soon forget is that DJ Khaled doesn’t go down. So here’s the thing -- if he doesn’t want to, that’s his prerogative. But he also asserted that “rules” are different for men and women, and that women need to do it for their king. These pasts few years, DJ Khaled has been empire building. He’s everywhere with his “keys.” Part of his reach is being a Weight Watchers spokesperson. Weight Watchers undoubtedly targets a female user base, but I hadn’t really thought much of his involvement until I saw this on Julie Klausner’s Instagram. How many points is… never mind.


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The poster for Jason Statham’s new movie The Meg is everything I dreamed it would be.


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I don’t want to direct anyone to James Woods’ Twitter account which is why this is a screenshot, and not a link (please don’t go there, it’s a horrible) but just know that his agent dropped him in the name of patriotism. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha.

One thing we know about Lainey is that she loves grossness, so I think she will appreciate whatever is happening with Adam Levine’s eye. (Lainey: yeah but I did it first)


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