This happened early on our extra long long weekend, but I must acknowledge Busy Philipps’s cake skills. First off, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch? Cricket has taste. Second, she threw it together in one night after a couple of cake pan mishaps (and ultimately borrowed one from a kind internet stranger). I’m easily impressed by baking but I think this is really fantastic, even for a skilled home baker. 


The Succession cast is still in Italy! J. Smith Cameron posted photos from Alan Ruck’s birthday and Nicholas Braun, Jeremy Strong, Mathew Macfadyen, Sarah Snook, and Justine Lupe (Willow) were there. The photo of Nicholas and Jeremy is an instant meme. But… the photo album is gone from J. Smith’s feed – too many spoilers? (Last shot is from Justine’s feed.)


Lainey has been wondering if the pelvic cut-out is a new trend. Does this look on Kerry Washington count? It’s not exactly the pelvis but I would consider this a waist cut-out. 

Another surprise baby reveal, this time from Amber Heard, who posted about it on Instagram. There were no leaks about this that I saw, which I’m sure will upset a certain subset of a fandom as they always think they know everything about her, when really they don’t know sh-t. 

Margot Robbie is a very good actress but generally not the kind of celebrity that excites me. Her Love Island-themed birthday party is quickly changing that. My favourite comment is from Darren Criss: “yeah but like it’s still early days innit.”


Julia Roberts celebrated her 18th anniversary to Danny Moder and let’s be very honest here – did anyone predict this back when Julia was wearing the “A Low Vera” t-shirt? Julia has made the star system work for her: very famous in her 20s and 30s when there was no internet or social media, glamorous dating life, won an Oscar at 33 and then, when she decided to retreat from the spotlight, lessened her workload. She’s been able to maintain her A+ status just by being Julia Roberts and still prioritize her family. We rarely see pictures of her kids. 


Every year in early July I celebrate the only holiday that matters – the Beckham wedding anniversary. Both had posts this year (they love a throwback to the purple look) and I wonder if England’s Euro run is putting David in a good mood, or if he’s stressed and distracted.