Anne Hathaway’s comment is gold – she nails the tone.


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Would you stay somewhere called Madonna Inn? Because I definitely would. I’m Googling the hotel right now – it’s in central California. 


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Katharine McPhee and David Foster’s engagement has been getting a lot of play. As a couple, I have no feeling one way or another, but the web she is tangling herself up in is interesting. David was married to Yolanda Hadid, Gigi, Bella and Anwar’s mom. Before that, he was married to Brody Jenner’s mom, Linda Thompson, who was once married to Caitlyn Jenner, who is of course a parent to Kendall and Kylie. David’s biological line includes Erin and Sara Foster, who are tight with the likes of Kate Hudson and Jennifer Meyer. If Katharine and David decide to have children, they are adding to a long lineage. And what are the odds of said child growing up to be a model?


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Some bunk-ass sports blogger (who regularly comes up with homophobic posts) came for EJ Johnson on Twitter this week. I won’t link to it. But tell me, does EJ seem fussed? EJ, who has more money and more followers than this bunk-ass sports blogger could dream of, looks completely unbothered to me.


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You guys - thank you for your emails and tweets. There are a lot of Beckham worriers. A lot of concern about his hand placement in this photo and the body language in the images Lainey linked to yesterday. And a few very interesting theories (Erica, if you are reading this, you have me shook). Last night I took a deep dive into the Beckhams’ archives, revisiting some Very Dark Times and what stuck out is that she has never wavered; I couldn’t find one article with a Beckham source that didn’t present them as completely united. He was also very present during the Very Dark Times and posed as hard as she did for pap photos. The shift has been in the last couple of years. So over a 19-year marriage and 21-year relationship, is it unusual to have a lower energy phase? We will see. I’m off for the next week (and, hopefully, Internet free). What gives me a little bit of hope is that if we track the big breakups, the A-list breakups (like Brange or Tom and Katie), they were not preceded by this level of speculation. Sure we could look back in hindsight and pinpoint the clues, but at the time, it seemed to come out of nowhere. Also, there’s no way he’d make such a big announcement while England is in the World Cup (not just for luck, but also because he’s a worldwide ambassador for the game).


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