In the intro this morning, Lainey wrote about Gwen Stefani’s gown and how it places Vera Wang, a household-name wedding dress designer, back on top. You know who else’s dress she’s doing? I’ve mentioned this before but it’s a great opportunity for me to do it again: Paulina Gretzky. I’m predicting a two-piece, like Scheana’s first wedding dress on Vanderpump Rules.


I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow says “F-ck your diet” very often but she is on vacation in Spain and that is not the time and place to order a side of steamed roots or mushroom kombucha. Eating in context is part of the travel experience.


Madonna and JLo are (were?) both in the Hamptons and wow, please link up. I would love an exciting new gossip friendship. Also around the 1:10 of Madonna’s video, look for a cameo from Ingrid Casares. 

Anytime the Friends cast gets together the headlines are about a “reunion.” Now if it’s filmed and televised, fine, I get that. But if they are hanging out (which they do with some frequency) when does it transition from “reunion” to just… friendship. 


Chip and Joanna Gaines have gone from HGTV to media moguls, a considerable feat considering that HGTV is kind of like The Bachelor or Bravo – out of hundreds of castmembers, only a handful break out of the reality TV ecosystem and maintain mainstream fame. A sign of that is who spoke on record for them, like Matthew McConaughey, who gave the most Matthew McConaughey quote possible: “What I admire about Chip and Joanna is their commitment to their family and community,” writes the resident of neighboring Austin, who’s said he’s mulling a gubernatorial bid in the state. “As wide as the roots of their brand have expanded, those same roots have humbly grown deeper at the same time.”

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi were apart for a few weeks but he’s now joined her in LA although their “official status” is still a question mark, which has been kind of great for her. She’s back to doing the work she was pre-pandemic with event hosting, this time for a tequila company (she is the Chief Creative Partner). The guest list was really stacked too with Anya Taylor-Joy, Joshua Jackson, Jodie Turner-Smith, Ashley Benson, Vas Morgan, Kate Beckinsale, and more. The photo album arrangement is interesting as Rita posted herself, followed by a photo with Anya, followed by two more of herself, then Joshua and Jodie and then the rest. Why not do a standalone post for herself and then one with all of the celebrity guest? From a promotional standpoint, it seems like a waste to bury their photos five deep in an album. 


Shows get cancelled for budget or low ratings or a star leaving or producer conflicts with the network, but “explosive diarrhea” has to be a first, right? It’s literally a sh-t show. (Jenna Dewan has nothing to do with this story, but the slip and slide fits.)