Megan Fox is the only reason I check on Brian Austin Green or MGK – did you see her new InStyle cover? So good. Brian posted this about his new true love. Is it petty? If it is, Megan is ten steps ahead of him with her comment, “Grateful for Sharna (heart emoji).” That is brilliant because it can read as sincere or side-eye, but it puts Megan in the power position. Also, as many pointed out, Megan is probably happy Brian found someone to occupy his time so she can be free from him.


The online commentary on Netflix’s Sex/Life is really funny and there are a bunch of reaction videos for what happens in episode 3 at the 19:50 mark. This is making me want to watch it because what could be so scandalous and ridiculous on Netflix? I’m so curious. 

In her intro this morning Lainey wrote about Cannes, which leads me to Bella Hadid in a Gaultier dress. This style was worn by Naomi Campbell in 2002 but according to this caption, this gown is “inspired by,” which I take to mean it is not the actual dress from that runway. Fashion houses lend out vintage couture sometimes and this would be the right person/place so I wonder why they made a new one. Maybe they didn’t want to alter the original?


Is Some Good News still happening? I feel like whoever brokered that deal at ViacomCBS might have jumped the gun a bit. I’m not sure how hungry we are for programming we watched when we literally could not leave the house.

Some celebrities are living in their own post-pandemic world and their vacations reflect that. Italy is once again a hot destination: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, Ciara and Russell Wilson, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and George and Amal Clooney have all made appearances. More will probably show up after Paris Haute Couture week. LL Cool J, Magic Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson are on a yacht in the area, too. Like the kind of yacht that has a helicopter.


Stanley Tucci is not in Italy, but he was in Cornwall. There has to be a plan for a second season of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, right? It was so delightful.