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You guys! You guys. I’m back. I have missed this space – a lot. Lainey has done an excellent job of checking in on my favourites (Breaking Bad, the Beckhams, the Gallagher brothers). Concerning the latter, there was a little feud-within-a-feud last week involving text messages and threats, the usual family drama for these two. Over the last couple of days, Liam has changed tactics and is about positivity. Love and light, a phrase (and caption) that makes me think of a third-tier reality star who is now trying to hawk a line of “Strong as a Mother” tank tops on Instagram. 

Justin Bieber was joking about fighting Tom Cruise in the UFC octagon, but the #BottleCapChallenge (which I almost entirely missed… not mad about that) might be more realistic. Tom has Instagram for this. He could kick off the bottle cap while he jumps out of a helicopter or something. But as Lainey mentioned this morning, any more attempts to participate are pointless because a winner has already been crowned.  


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I had to stop reading this story about a prestigious Brooklyn Heights preschool by Jessica Pressler in The Cut because it is too good – I need to save it for later. I got to the Paul Giamatti mention and forced myself to stop. Class, tradition, prestige, and a new guard (the “Vogue set”) that didn’t defer to the establishment is more interesting to me than the college scandal because the stakes are actually higher. To this group, pre-K is not just about bragging rights but about their young child’s entire future: their education, their social group, their entire world. I imagine Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard are not pleased their name made it into the story. Even Maggie’s stylist got a mention.  


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I totally remember McDonald’s pizza, but not the all-you-can-eat aspect. Everyone goes crazy for McRib nostalgia, but why don’t we talk about the pizza more? Was it good? That is the part I can’t remember. There should be a fast food museum with different offerings from around the world and menu items that flopped, like the Taco Bell Seafood Salad. I got food poisoning just writing that. 

Last week, Lainey wrote about casting for Elvis and who is in the running – click here for a refresher. Is this Sam Taylor-Johnson’s way of campaigning for her husband?


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I think Halle Bailey will be incredible as Ariel. She and her sister, Chloe, are tight with Beyoncé and have opened for her on tour and appeared in Lemonade after Beyoncé saw them on YouTube. Now that Bey is part of the Disney family, I think we will see some support show up for Halle on Instagram, but until then, we have Lindsay Lohan’s f-ckery. I love how she implies that she has some kind of claim to Ariel, or that she’s passing the role onto Halle. The absolute f-ckery.


Is this message for Kawhi?


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