An updated and rare sighting of Billy Crudup on Instagram with his girlfriend Naomi Watts. Still fine.


A small sampling of celebrities going to or already in Italy. Somebody please mix it up and go to Mallorca or Portugal or something. 


There are also a lot of celebrities in France for fashion week, and here is Sam Smith in what I think is the ideal “out all day and maybe grabbing dinner later” outfit – white blouse, jeans, big sunglasses, small purse, black boots. 


It looks like JLo teased, then deleted, a video for JLo Beauty and Page Six did some digging – there is a new patent for body care (tanning, lotion, sprays and scrubs). That seems like a natural progression of her beauty brand and capitalizing on the JLo glow. She hasn’t posted on her own Instagram since June 29, which is a long time for her. Busy with work or wedding planning? Maybe both.

Are vanity plates a little odd or just an extension of bumper stickers? And do people still buy bumper stickers? Anyway, I’m seeing what Oliver Hudson is seeing here. Is there a clever pun we’re missing? 


Aaron Paul is selling his home in Boise, Idaho and it’s really beautiful. Usually celebrity real estate transactions are super secretive but Aaron posted about the realtor, the stager, the photographer and the marketing team – it was really easy to find the listing here. The price is $1,349,500, and I have no idea how that compares to other homes in Boise because where I live, that would be an absolute steal.