Maria is on holiday this week so I’m taking over for her. And before she left, several times, she asked me to let her know ASAP if something went down with the Beckhams, that’s how worried she is. So I texted her on Saturday to let her know that David posted a video on his Instastory, holding a glass of wine, and you can hear Victoria’s voice off the top, “Do you have anything to say David?” It’s coming home. Which means they were together this weekend, enjoying some wine. And it’s OK, everyone. For now it’s OK. 



Hats and travelling confuse me. Frustrate is a better word. You can’t pack them because they’ll get squished. Right. So you wear it on the plane. But where do you put it on the plane? A hat like the one Tracee Ellis Ross is wearing isn’t exactly a baseball cap. And a hat box is a pain in the ass.  

I really want to be into these kinds of exercise classes because dancing is way more fun than running. When do they learn the choreography though? At the beginning? Is there a choreography rotation?


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In-concert wig changes are my favourite because it’s an underrated form of work. Think about how much effort goes into your life when you go from a ponytail back to beachy waves. And they do this in mere minutes! (In Mimi’s case, maybe it takes an hour, I don’t know I’ve been to see her in Vegas.)

I have something controversial to say: all chocolate cakes, sometimes, are too much. I need some cream cheese icing to break it all up. My other controversial statement: I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate. And I don’t trust people who tell me that dark chocolate is delicious. 


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Last week we talked about accents, specifically Meghan Markle’s alleged new English accent. Well. Here’s Madonna talking. All I want to do is mimic this. Would you drag me? 


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