Does this make Jimmy more palatable? Because I’m not convinced quite yet -- I was fully expecting Justin Timberlake to pop up in the canoe and ruin it. 


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The other day I mentioned Sam Lutfi is back in the news, and it’s not good (is it ever good when Sam Lutfi is involved?). But there’s more to it than Courtney Love – apparently Ross Butler is involved in this sh-tshow (E! breaks down the allegations here). 


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Scooter was managing Kanye (as much as Kanye can be “managed”) for a bit. On the ‘gram, Scooter is all about positivity and family, so it’s a very specific message he’s sending here – he loves them both. He’s not taking sides. He wants peace. 


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John Cena and Nikki Bella are back together and their breakup hasn’t even aired on her reality TV show yet. They are working through this storyline too fast – they need to be on TV time, not wrestling time. (John Cena’s Twitter is the equivalent of the “hang in there” motivational cat poster). 

I guess Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard have split up, again? And Alexa is hanging out with her ex, Matthew Hitt, who used to date Dakota Johnson. So I guess that means Dakota and Alexander will date next – it’s only logical. 


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I’m still a little disappointed Good News was cancelled because it was finding its flow – especially Nicole Richie, who was getting more and more airtime. But she continues on with her fashion line, with a crystal necklace push this season. If any other celebrity line made these, I’d be eye-rolling so hard, but I like Nicole’s style, even if I don’t want to emulate it.


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So the lesser Rodgers brother, the one who was on The Bachelor, is trying to clapback at Olivia Munn, wondering why she is talking about her experience with the Rodgers family. First up, Jordan, you can’t claim the moral high ground when you run to US Weekly with your “exclusive” statement. Second, you can’t imply she is the source of the drama (even though she clearly wasn’t) and then try to silence her when she finally says her piece. You brought her into the damn conversation. Third, your family has talked about their issues with Aaron on and off the record quite extensively (how else would we have found out about the returned Christmas gifts?). Fourth, and this is my last point, shut the f-ck up and sell your teeth whiteners, Jordan. (And yes, I used a picture of Aaron instead of Jordan because Jordan is a thirsty bitch and I refuse to give him a drink.)


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