Beyonc has removed her profile photo from her social media platforms. She knows her fans, and everything is done with precision, so what does this mean?!


Mad at myself for not yet going to see Top Gun: Maverick in a theatre. The young buck portion of the cast is doing an excellent job of keeping social media promotion going, while Tom Cruise gets to do the Tom Cruise stuff (jets and talk shows). 


THIS IS IMPORTANT: Melissa McCarthy was on WWHL and Andy Cohen asked her about a Spy sequel and it sounds like there’s been a discussion about it and all the players are on board. So it could happen. (Sarah: !!!!!)

If I read this caption without the photo, I would assume he was hacked. How did this get past his team? 


Barry. Barry. Barry. It’s all I can think about right now. The show has been renewed for season four and it feels like it will go on as long as Bill Hader wants it to go on. It hasn’t slipped, not one bit. Writer Esther Zuckerman hung out with Henry Winkler at Katz’s Deli for Thrillist and it’s as delightful as you’d hope.

Variety had to issue a clarification about its story with Michael Patrick King of And Just Like That… because so many outlets were using it as clickbait and insinuating Kim Cattrall (as Samantha Jones) would be back. Anyone following this story knows that this is not going to happen. It’s not in the realm of possibility on both sides. This is like wishing Liam and Noel Gallagher would tour together again. It would be great, but we also need to be realistic.


The emails you all send me on Jon Bernthal are hilarious and unhinged and that is not a complaint. I love reading them. The thirst for this man should be studied in a lab and we are all in it together. (Sarah: PUT JON BERNTHAL IN A ROM-COM ALREADY.)