David Spade has been announced as a rotating Bachelor in Paradise host and Lil Jon, Lance Bass, and Titus Burgess have been added to the list. Clearly the producers are choosing chaos and it’s a savvy approach to losing a familiar face in Chris Harrison. This is a great way to breathe new life into the franchise, have fun with it, make it a little campy and get tons of social media play. 


Carrie Bradshaw is taking to the streets of New York today and these will be some pretty coveted pap shots. I’m kind of dreading seeing Carrie’s outfits though because you know they will be super extra ridiculous. 

Jennifer Garner’s mom started working out at 80 (she’s 83 now) and she does it while watching HGTV. She times her walks with commercial breaks and it’s adorable. She has good taste in TV, too – they are watching Home Town, the only home renovation show that is not a hate-watch. 


Twitter’s best follow is Hunter Harris and she profiled Lori Harvey for Bustle and right at the top Harris points out something I hadn’t noticed – we rarely ever hear Lori Harvey speak. Despite the obsession over her relationship, her voice is something we don’t have access to on a regular basis. That kind of privacy is so rare that it is a flex. Why would she speak when we are doing so much talking about her?


Anthony Ramos played Ally Maine’s best friend in A Star is Born and now, a star is born. Even if you aren’t into musicals, even if you have no plans of seeing In the Heights, even if movies aren’t your thing, we are watching someone become famous in real time. 

Omar Sy has been voted France’s favourite person and yes, taste. Lupin was a binge watch for many of us during the quarantine and now Omar and his family have relocated to Los Angeles for his work, with a new profile in Vogue.


Sandra Oh has been teasing her new series The Chair on Instagram and the Pembroke Daily cover is a nice touch. “Some may say 179 is too late, but we say it’s better late than never!”