Scott Eastwood is definitely faking it, but I will not besmirch an innocent puppy.


The Rock uses a vision board and wished for Gal Gadot. He has one more person that he really, really wants. Who is his dream villain? 


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The flower, hair and t-shirt all match. Gigi commented on this, so I’m guessing she is the receiver and, yes, it’s officially back on.


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What is this underlay called? I refer to it as tattoo hosiery and I hate it so much. Her face makes up for it though. Still Julia. 

David Beckham needs to be more like Tom Brady. 


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In case you’re wondering if Josh Brolin wears boxers or briefs. 


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Hailey Baldwin liked this photo. I’m so confused.  


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Quick update on Liam Gallagher’s children: last month, he met up with his daughter Molly, who he hasn’t seen since she was an infant. Now she’s hanging with her bros, who Liam has a very strong relationship with. This is all very good for next-gen Gallagher drama. 


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