We have to talk about the Lee Daniels interview in Vulture because it’s as full of incredible details as previous Vulture interviews (like Quincy Jones and Anjelica Huston). Journalist Andrew Goldman (who also interviewed Anjelica) comes prepared with details and he’s masterful at the follow-up. Like the chicken wings. What the f-ck happened with Morgan Freeman and the chicken wings?!


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Speaking of the celebrity profile, yesterday a few journalists on Twitter were talking about their worst experiences with a celebrity. Veteran entertainment journalist Mark Harris had a panic attack in front of Julia Roberts and she was “incredibly nice” about it. Does this surprise you? It doesn’t surprise me; I could totally see Julia being great in that situation. Years ago, when Julia was still doing a lot of movies and junkets, an entertainment reporter told me that off-camera, Julia was the most intimidating and mercurial celebrity to be in a room with. I completely believe that, too. She contains multitudes, our Julia. 


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The more time passes, the more I’m inclined to think that Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a fight is part of a future sketch like Lainey suggested. The MTV Awards are coming up soon, right? That would actually be in both of their wheelhouses.


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Sarah wrote about the Spider-Man trailer back in May but I’m just posting this because Tom Holland and Zendaya are standing close to each other. I know some of you are squealing. 


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Dr. Jen Gunter is someone we have referenced on LaineyGossip because she is the Omar of wellness. When she whistles, Goop shivers. In addition to being a doctor, Dr. Gunter is now a writer for The New York Times and will be hosting an upcoming show, Jensplaining. Great name. Maybe Netflix will run it as counterprograming to Goop’s upcoming series. 

The Frozen II trailer is out and it looks like the second movie will focus on the origin of Elsa’s powers, as well as a quest to save the world. Maybe she can help with climate change?



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Larry King wants Charlie Puth to water his lawn. Not a euphemism, it’s in the comments. I don’t think Larry quite gets the reference.


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