Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s breakup is slowly disappearing from the headlines, which is what they want. As Lainey said, by the time he moves on to his next project, this will be old news. But PEOPLE’s story about Coop’s and Gaga’s “overwhelming connection” is still up. Lainey broke down what the strategy could be here, but I’m also curious about how Lady Gaga, who spent months being the one who had to deny the rumours, feels about her name being brought into it by the most sanctioned outlet. It’s kind of unfair to her, no?


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In the comments section of this post, someone suggested a rom-com set in Italy and Kate Hudson responded, “maybe I’m already a couple of steps ahead of you 2020” with a winking emoji and heart. I’m not mad at this. Not one bit. 


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If you read this space regularly, I don’t even need to comment on this Lea Michele #tbt. She. Got. Married. Here is your weekly reminder. 


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Lainey wrote about Jessica Biel this morning and while many people on social media are like “who cares what Jessica Biel thinks?” may I remind you of JENNY MCCARTHY! One thing we didn’t have when Jenny McCarthy was spewing her dangerous bullsh-t was social media, so she was able to go on CNN and Oprah largely unchallenged. I agree with Lainey’s point that Jessica (like other celebs) believes herself to be more special and more informed than regular people, but if she glanced at her Instagram comments (and make no mistake about it, she is absolutely doing that) she would see the mess that anti-vaxxers bring. Their comments read like a ransom notes, but with worse spelling and punctuation. Anna Merlan of Gizmodo confirmed that Jessica told the staffers at the legislature that her doctor recommended the regular vaccine schedule for her child and she refused  – so what’s her argument about heeding a doctor’s advice? I’m keeping tabs on this and at the time of writing, no other celebs have liked Jessica’s post (a way to gauge support) – not even Justin Timberflop. Can Jimmy Kimmel use these for the next round of mean tweets? He’s pro-health care



As I was looking through photos of the Olsen twins to post for their birthday, I realized that in the last 10 years or so, they’ve become ageless. Saying “prune” before photos is magic. 


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