The Ana de Armas Updates Twitter account gave us so much joy with its cheeky take on Ben-Ana’s daily pap walks. If only all celebrity fan accounts could be this irreverent and level-headed about their faves. 


Please watch this (with headphones if you are in the office) because the pay-off is so good. I had no idea who he was talking about for the majority of the video. It goes places you don’t expect - “He doesn’t give a shit about me!!!!”


There’s a very complimentary piece on Lindsay Lohan’s career in Page Six with quotes from Dina and Michael Lohan, who must be so excited at the prospect of a Netflix cheque. The piece doesn’t hit for me because by the time Chrissy Teigen came on the scene, Lindsay’s career was toast – tying Chrissy’s name into it is just a cheap tactic to get some clicks. It’s an opportunistic way to rewrite history. Lindsay’s had multiple chances for comebacks and through various circumstances has blown them (like not showing up for Oprah -she was around 27 at the time). Lindsay Lohan is absolutely a product of childhood fame and early-aughts media toxicity, but those aren’t the only circumstances that led to her downfall. Combine that with her exploitive inner circle (see above) and her own ego and mistakes and it makes her a complicated case study.


Please flip to the second photo. I beg you.

The Rock had his tattoo reworked, which took 30 hours in the chair. We know The Rock is always working and constantly on the go. His schedule is so tight and he uses every minute, so how does he plan those 30 hours – is it meetings and scripts and reviewing legal documents? I wonder if he finds it relaxing or torturous to sit still for that long.


A section of my Twitter feed has been eye-rolling Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton for at least two years, maybe three. He is a genius to some, a cornball to others. This BuzzFeed piece by Meha Razdan explores the cultural and generational divide of people who love him and people who love to dunk on him.