PEOPLE has a new story up on Kelly Clarkson’s marriage and it’s a little contradictory. One source says, “It just came out of nowhere. The marriage was so strong.” But then another source (I think? It’s not very clear) says that quarantine in Montana “exacerbated any issues.” Every split has two sides and breakups aren’t linear so the stress around family and business (they have small children and he manages her) could certainly have built up quickly. As I said in my post about it last week, that could absolutely sink a marriage. But there’s a sense that it’s all that… and more. US Weekly has a different take, calling Blackstock “laid back” and Kelly “high strung” and that her choice to host a talk show and do The Voice made her go all Hollywood, while he prefers Nashville. It’s interesting that this would be the case considering The Voice is great for Brandon’s portfolio as he has two clients on the show (Blake Shelton and Kelly). Also, his ex-stepmom was Reba McEntire so you’d think he would understand this kind of crossover TV success is great for a musician. And finally, if Kelly is high strung, she has managed to hide that from her fans for years and years. She is so beloved because she’s so real. Maybe “high strung” in this context means really hard worker. 


Cardi B. had a series of piercings done (and redone) – chest, face and tongue. It is a journey. I felt her scream.

What bra would you recommend for Nicki Minaj? 


Britney did it, she got bangs. And they look adorable!!! Her boyfriend Sam commented “how many comments are going to say “queen of bangs.” If you know Britney’s diehards (do her fans have a name?), that is how they celebrate her. Queen of reposting. Queen of looking 16. Queen of candles. Queen of yoga. Queen of bangs.


My Beckham content has dropped during quarantine because I know they are together all the time, as David takes his 2034th walk in the country. 

Kayleigh Donaldson at Pajiba has written a new story “Kristen Bell Wants to be the Heir to Ellen; That’s Not a Good Thing.” It is so spot on, from Kristen’s work directly with Ellen to her “marriage, am I right?” anecdotes to using her family to build up her image. Highly recommend this read.