It was Father’s Day on Sunday, and I got a lot of enjoyment out of seeing how celebs subtly shaded one another, especially the “friendly exes.” It’s a true joy when someone like Jennifer Garner decides to jump in. Sure the caption is nice, but look at this photo. It’s too close, his eyes are closed and he’s looking down. I get that they don’t post their children on social media but out of every photo of Ben Affleck, this is the one Jennifer Garner chose. And you know what? Ben knows he has to be grateful to her. Amazing Amy, always.



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Fergie wished Axl’s dad a Happy Father’s Day, without a picture of said dad, Josh Duhamel. Last I checked, they still follow one another on Instagram, but Josh didn’t like this photo and she didn’t tag him. (And why do people hashtag their child’s name?)


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I’m curious to hear from This Is Us fans, especially those who feel Jack Pearson is #peakdad. Is Nick Lachey your idea of a real-life Jack Pearson? Is Nick Lachey #peakdad?


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Miranda Kerr had loving words for Evan Spiegel. But nothing for Orlando Bloom, who was with his own father.  



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Justin Timberlake, never one to pass up an opportunity to honour himself, chose four photos to celebrate. One highlights Justin’s smiling face, one is Justin having the BEST TIME on a carousel, one is of Justin’s son watching his father on stage, and the last one looks like a father/son selfie (Silas’ face is mostly covered so it’s hard to tell). 


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A Father’s Day thirst trap? Lena Dunham is might be overplaying her hand here.


It’s not a holiday if I’m not obsessing over the Beckhams. So Victoria chose a shot that, because Brooklyn is missing, I can only assume was taken over the weekend (otherwise she would include all four children). David posted about his dad. Brooklyn and David did an Instagram stories takeover for Father’s Day (you can watch a recap here) – but was it done live on Sunday? I feel like it wasn’t. Both David and Victoria posted stories about his cards and presents. And Brooklyn posted this shot of his mom and dad. It’s intimate and doesn’t involve the kids. Brooklyn is 19 and I’m sure knows about what has been floating around. So is this his way of being strategic or sentimental?


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Enough about dads – look at Jonah Hill’s pink hair. OMG indeed.


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