Blake Lively is an excellent baker and this watermelon cake is very 80s (it reminds me of a Jell-o mould) but look at the contrast in the green and the stem. It looks like she even put “seeds” inside the watermelon. This is impressive.


Oh I love this – Tracee Ellis Ross is  getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 40 years after her mother Diana. Do you think Tracee will  borrow Diana’s dress from that day? It must be in the archive and the look of course holds up. It’s Diana Ross.

Tracee is part of the Class  of 2022 and it’s a solid list: Ming-Na Wen, Keenan Thompson, Jean Smart (!!!!!), Bob Odenkirk, Peter Krause, and Norman Reedus, to name a few. This is TV, there’s a separate one for movies, live theatre (I hope Patti LuPone calls the audience “motherf-ckers”), radio, sports entertainment, recording, and motion pictures. 


I do wonder how they decide on recipients because how is Carrie Fisher, a legend who worked for years in front of and behind the camera and played an iconic character in Star Wars, being awarded the same year as Jason Momoa? I’m not saying Jason is unworthy at all (he should get one just for being married to Lisa Bonet), but I’m questioning why they waited so long for Carrie, who was worthy of this like 30 years ago. Is there something I’m missing?


The conversation around the Chrissy Teigen apology continues and I’m posting this because it’s something a few of you have suspected (going by your emails): Chrissy’s team is pushing back on the screenshots designer Michael Costello produced, alleging they are fake (see more on the details here). This is not completely unexpected as Leona Lewis weighed in on Michael’s past behaviour in her Instagram stories, saying she was left humiliated when he was supposed to make a dress for her and refused to alter it to fit in 2014. (She has since posted that he apologized and she accepted.) But then he put this up, talking about clout chasers and that he’s not going to engage with false accusations. If we are talking clout, who out of Chrissy Teigen, Leona Lewis and Michael Costello would gain clout in this scenario? Michael brought the conversation to the public and is now trying to disengage, which is a really tough thing to do because it’s a social media story now. There’s no way for one person to control the narrative. 


Jeremy Renner obviously cares about his social media presence (that’s why he had an app!) so why is it so basic to the point it almost feels like a parody? Why hasn’t he tapped into one of those secretive LA agencies that do social media captions for celebrities? This does not make me hashtag smile.