Gabrielle Union was photographed by Zaya Wade for SELF and the pictures are a jolt of sunshine. It helps that the subject is Gabrielle Union and it’s easy to look at these and see perfection, but beyond that, in the interview, Gabrielle is having the same hard conversations she’s been having in public for years. This is from an email she sent them on June 17: “We are feeling a lot of different things right now. Personally, I’m anxious, I’m depressed, I’m enraged, I’m heartbroken. I’m experiencing so many different feelings that these words don’t even carry the weight of it all. Waking up each morning to the nonstop murder of my brothers and sisters is excruciatingly painful. There’s terror in my body. As a family, we are all trying to cope.” (Read the article in full here.)


The last we heard of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, they were set to get married after quarantine, but I feel like they’re always set to get married? Maybe they are married already and we just don’t know (though that doesn’t exactly seem like how they roll). Not sure when this picture was taken but judging by his outfit in a previous post, maybe mid-May? What I’m looking at are her roots. Gwen’s natural hair colour is brown and she dyes it weekly (every Monday when filming The Voice) with a bleach-free formula her stylist made just for her. That’s why it looks so silky and never fried. How have they not bottled it for a hair line yet?

It’s an accepted theory that celebrities get stuck at the age they became famous, but I also think they can get stuck in the era they became famous. That would explain why Kristin Cavallari is going on a pap walk (see here) like it’s 2007. She was already having a not-great time on social media for skirting quarantine rules and now, with so much activism happening, she can’t pop onto Instagram in the usual way so she’s reverting to old school tactics


Above we had a daughter photographing her mother for a magazine, and here’s mother photographing son: Rafferty Law for Wonderland via Sadie Frost. You can’t see it so much in the cover but flip through the album below and wow does he look like his dad Jude Law– the face shape is different but the features are all there. Are we ready for the next generation of the Primrose Hill Set? 

Miranda Lambert hasn’t commented on Black Lives Matter on Instagram and it should be noted her husband is a former NYPD officer (he quit after they got married and to be her head security guard). She posted a photo of them in NYC and has responded to comments to thank her husband and his family for their service. So I guess that is her comment. 


The Cut’s Bridget Read wrote something for me: What Do We Do About Bravo? It delves into what Bravo shows are, what they mean to people and how the real-life actions of people we’ve come to think of as fictional characters are affecting the reality TV landscape. As Bridget points out, Bravo probably needs to work on more than talent and there’s an issue with the executives, casting directors, editors – all of it. There will be a revamp, but I don’t know what that will look like. But you know who is so obviously angling to go from minor character to maybe a full-timer? Lance Bass. He’s been positioning himself for months. 

Squirrels scare the f-ck out of me. I respect them enough to leave them alone. Henrietta looks like she’s about to pounce. If you see a squirrel trying to get a nut this weekend, leave it be.