It’s Black Out Tuesday on social media and Lainey wrote about #theshowmustbepaused today in the intro. That’s why you are seeing these black squares today.


This is where some confusion is coming in – as Lizzo pointed out, #blacklivesmatter and #theshowmustbepaused are two separate hashtags. Activist Kenidra Woods clarifies how it should be used and it’s important to listen and not jump on hashtag activism without understanding the why and how of it. Lainey posted some resources in the intro as well.

Rihanna is taking the blackout to the next level by shuttering her business for the day – how many luxury fashion houses and beauty brands are doing the same? (Gucci knocked off Dapper Dan and all they can manage is an old illustrated poem by Cleo Wade.) 

Britney Spears is as apolitical as celebrities get and it’s heartening to see that she is posting about BLM (with the hashtag) and the event; despite all the controversy around what she posts or doesn’t post, or what she has control over or doesn’t have control over, this seems like a very conscious choice.

Pharrell has shaped so much of pop music, particularly the sound of some prominent white artists. Do you think he’s disappointed by their milquetoast response to BLM or did he expect it? 


You taking a knee this year, Tom Brady?

In the past, Kevin Hart has said that politics is not something he is interested in addressing and his frustration is understandable – is every white Avenger asked to answer for who they vote for and why? There’s a different expectation on Black celebrities to be everything to everyone, with white people centering themselves as the audience. 

Besides the fact that he has Woody Allen on his podcast, which he is choosing to promote today, Alec Baldwin is such a Karen. As many people have pointed out about this “brunch” photo, there are systemic, historical and deep-rooted problems that effect POC – there’s no “brunch” for them. And while streets are literally on fire, some white people are still enjoying their meal (literally and metaphorically). 

We need an op-ed on racism and police brutality from Arnold Schwarzenegger about as badly as we need an ingrown toe nail.

The most tone-deaf headline I’ve seen all week isn’t something offensive, but rather something so eyeroll inducing I don’t know where to start. Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s ex, is worried about being labeled an It Girl. Won’t someone think of those poor unfortunate souls, the It Girls. She said,“I think terms like that are very narrow-minded. I think that I work very, very hard, I love what I do, and I just hope that this role has shown people what I can do and what I would like to do going forward and not be caught in a box in any way.” Can you imagine Meghan Markle saying this is what she feared – too much good press?! Of course the British tabloids are slobbering over Cressida. Gee I wonder why. 


Oh this is in that same vein – Maude Apatow “insisting” on auditioning for her dad, Judd Apatow. That will show him, Maude! This of course brings me to one of my favourite Twitter threads ever, a satirical (but wildly realistic) article written about an actress with famous parents.

Liam, you better. 

This is silly and not important but at the same time, ha!