Nothing says, “I’m not into celebrity life” quite like posing for a glossy fitness magazine. If we examine the Men’s Health demographic, how do you think they know Justin – from his prestige HBO show, or his marriage to one of the biggest female stars of the last 20 years? At least they stuck with his aesthetic – maybe that was the compromise. He’s never met a sleeveless t-shirt he didn’t like. Oh and he’s wearing jeans here because of course he is; he tans in black jean shorts


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Cardi B. pregnancy Twitter is great because she is passionate about food. She hates strawberries on salad. She loves olives. She hates white chocolate (so do I!). The only cold egg she likes is deviled eggs. The only sushi she eats is eel and avocado. She doesn’t like Caesar dressing that tastes like mayo. See? Specific. She needs to be a guest judge on Chopped.



I’m surprised Rande doesn’t have a photo of George hanging in his office. Maybe it’s on his desk. 


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Social media is hellfire right now. For people who use it for work not related to current events (myself included), posting about personal and professional wins is touchy. That’s magnified for celebs, because whenever they post something not related to the newscycle, they are flooded with “How can you post this with xyz going on? Don’t you care about what’s going on in the world?!” Words like “bubble” and “elite” are thrown around. Self-promotion is akin to being self-absorbed. For someone like Busy Philipps, whose recent rise is directly tied to her social media presence, promoting her work online is integral to her success. Going forward, with the book and the talk show, I’m curious as to how she will navigate it. (So far she’s the gold Instagram standard.) 


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Scott Eastwood is starting a podcast. I wonder how his face – you know that face he makes – will translate to audio. When he told Clint (assuming Clint took his call), do you think Clint muttered something about the “pussy generation” under his breath?


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I had never heard that Tom Cruise babysat Bryce Dallas Howard – apparently it’s not true anyway. (He would probably be a very good babysitter and would run around with the kids for hours.) But back to Bryce – I love the print on this dress. I couldn’t quite figure out if it was sea or space, because it’s both: Space Age Floral, is by Rixo


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