James Van Der Beek is starring in a new VICELAND TV show called What Would Diplo Do? It is of course based on Diplo, the salty international DJ who has tangled with Taylor’s squad and placed third in Katy Perry’s sex Olympics. The teaser doesn’t give away much, but I’m curious as to how they will create storylines. Will it be based on his real-life drama? Will he cameo as someone else? How does it work when you are creating a fictional character based on such a visible real-life person?

This photo gave me pause because I had to think for a minute if the Fosters are related to Kris. They aren’t… right? Gigi and Kendall broke it down once (and Gigi has been a step-sister to the Fosters). Here’s how it goes: Sara and Erin’s father is David Foster. David Foster was married to Linda Thompson, who was once married to Caitlyn Jenner (they had a few children, including Brody Jenner). Caitlyn then married Kris and had Kendall and Kylie.


We're the daughters that Kris forgot to make successful.

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Do you bring food on a plane? It’s a tough call because airplane food is so awful, but I don’t want someone eating an egg salad sandwich next to me, either.


We're those people on this flight. #cabinsmells #vacationmode #glutenfreebun πŸ˜‹πŸ”

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The problem with Rihanna’s shoe line is that few people are as cool as Rihanna. Who could pull these shoes off?

What happens when your favourite version of something gets discontinued? Do you bitch about it to friends? Search online for hours, hoping to find it? Try a dozen other things to fill the void? Well if you are Oprah, they will not only revive your favourite frozen yogurt flavour but they will throw you a party as penance.


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We need to talk about bucket bags: yay or nay? I just ordered this one from Etsy. Will I ever use it or will it sit in the closet, tags on? Stay tuned!



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We missed John Cho’s birthday. He’s 45. 45! How? He looks 23.