Maria is away today so I’m taking over. She’s worried about the Beckhams announcing some bad news while she’s on holiday. It’s going to be OK, I think. At least until Monday. Right? RIGHT? 

Remember when I used to say about Blake Lively – how did she DO that? Pete Davidson keeps saying it about himself now. HOW DID HE DO THAT? 


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JLo and Arod were driving around in a golf cart and got lost. Do you have people in your life who are, like, aggressively proud about not asking for directions because they think their sense of direction is the sh-t and they insist on knowing the landscape five minutes after getting to a new place? I know men and women who are like this. I’m surprised ARod isn’t like this. I watched this video right before I went to sleep last night. And then I had a very uncomfortable dream about Marc Anthony. What does this mean?


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How do you feel about vintage hairstyles? I’m selective about them. Because a vintage hairstyle can easily either look corny or super old. That said, it’s so much fun when you’re in costume, when you’re deliberately channeling a certain vibe.  


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My vibe about these shots here is pure bliss.

OK I definitely need more information here. What she cold-approached on the street? Evangeline Lilly is doing press for Ant-Man and the Wasp right now. Like I’m not sure she’s accessible in that “I was at a football game and a scout came out to me” way. Where did this happen? And how?!

Jada really is killing it. But Will Smith’s commentary here is the gold. I wish someone was filming him filming her because I really want to see his face while this was happening. 


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More Smith family gold. Classic throwback gold.