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In a new interview with The Times, Naomi Campbell said she is friends with all of her exes except “the last one.” Some people think she was referring to Skepta but it’s not him. She was also linked to Liam Payne around this time last year, but she still follows him on Instagram and I refuse to accept that Liam could have that kind of effect on Naomi. I think by exes she means a significant ex, not a flirtation. Vlad Doronin, a longtime boyfriend of Naomi’s who rebounded real quick with her The Face mentee Luo Zilin, seems a more likely candidate. It was a whole thing.


When you see Lionel Richie’s number come up on your call display, how do you not answer with, “Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?” Original? No. Corny? Yes. Does Lionel get that all the time? Probably. Ryan Seacrest missed that opportunity – he sent Lionel to voicemail. 

Adonis is SO cute. Look at his little hand on his face! This is the second time Drake’s posted about him (the first one was in quarantine) but Adonis’s mother posted a photo album in late March – look how cute they are. The third photo looks like his birthday party at Drake Manor.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Father’s Day glamour shot, her face up front with her dad slightly out of focus behind her, is exactly what I want and expect from her on every holiday.


Gwyneth Paltrow does this style of Dad photo every year for Father’s Day and every year it gets press. I’d be more surprised if she didn’t do it. 

One thing that really stuck out to me this year is a genre I like to call “Celebrities wishing their current partner a Happy Father’s Day while subtly ignoring their exes” – we have several examples. This is life for many: divorce and co-parenting can be complicated and messy. Not all exes are best friends.


This story about Kelly Rowland meeting and building a relationship with her biological dad goes deep.  

How do we get Kenny G. to play a private concert for Mr. Chee? This must happen. #GforChee

Attached - Kelly Rowland out in LA earlier this month.