It’s Tuesday, meaning even the late Father’s Day posts have rolled in and this is my time to get nosey about who posts what on social media. Here is Miranda Kerr posting about her father and husband Evan Spiegel, but nothing on Orlando Bloom. Now I don’t think there is gossip here because she and Katy Perry get along really well and Miranda sometimes comments on Orlando’s Instagram posts. Everything seems to be well on the co-parenting front, so why leave him out? (For Mother’s Day, I checked back and Orlando posted a jokey one about Katy but didn’t mention Miranda, so perhaps this is tit-for-tat.)


We all love a superior “Here’s my husband eating brunch with my baby daddy” post from GP, but even she passed on the opportunity this year. All we got was haddock. (Below that is what she posted last year.)


Gwen Stefani said, “Gavin? I don’t know him.”

Now look I am not trying to start any trouble but Simone Johnson (The Rock’s oldest daughter) skipped Father’ Day. She skipped his wedding as well. And neither his current wife nor his ex-wife (who runs his career) wished him a Happy Father’s Day. He did it himself. 


Onto a completely different topic: Jussie Smollett’s name has faded from the headlines (for now) but there is an evidentiary hearing coming up in July. Since this story broke in 2019, there’s been a continued shift in the way policing in the US is talked about on social media and traditional media (like newspapers, radio, evening news), particularly as it pertains to systemic abuse and the targeting of Black men. When Jussie’s trial happens (if it even goes to trial), the coverage will be different than it was three years ago not just for mainstream but also for the white-supremacist click-baiting fringe sites, who are constantly looking for stories like this to create racist outrage.