If you are a parent to six small children and have a family movie to promote, this is exactly the right way to walk the red carpet. They are even carrying little briefcases.


Yesterday, Lainey wrote about Vin Diesel absolutely throwing shade at The Rock in an interview for Men’s Health. Well this ARod story is kind of like that, but it’s done through “sources.” Here’s how it’s positioned: ARod’s ex Cynthia wasn’t a fan of JLo, so that means Alex is closer with her now and spending more time as a family unit with Cynthia and her husband. But it’s not for support because (and this is my favourite quote), he “doesn’t need support to get him through a breakup.”. The vibe from these leaked stories is that he doesn’t need JLo, even though every story on him has a JLo hook. Dude, it’s OK to pine for your ex when your ex is Jennifer f-cking Lopez. I prefer the honesty of Diddy’s 20-year of thirsting over her to this machismo. 


Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening will star in Jerry and Marge Go Large, the story of a retired couple who game the Massachusetts lottery system, adapted from a Huffington Post story by Jason Fagone. Chemistry is a hard thing to predict but I think these two will have it. 


Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade have launched Proudly, an “everyday baby care line created specifically for melanated skin tones.” Gabrielle already has experience in the personal care space with Flawless Curls and this is an underserved market (this Essence piece by Victoria Uwumarogie has all the details). And they already have a model in-house. 


It may seem like this is a stoner conversation at first but Garret is making points. What is the truth, cutesy salt and pepper shakers?


These are an absolute paradox @morgan.rn

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