Dennis Quaid’s elopement is the top story on today and it has me wondering, who is checking on Dennis Quaid? It’s his fourth time on the merry-go-round and he has name recognition, for sure, but I didn’t think his marriage would get such prime placement. Now if Meg Ryan got remarried, give me every detail. 


How many times has Naomi Campbell covered Vogue? And then add to that, how many times on international Vogue covers? I tried to Google and a grid of images came up because it’s been so many times. And yet, still a first being photographed by a Black woman. 

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Thank you @nadineijewere, @voguespain and the entire team. This is a special cover for me. As it’s is the 1st time in my 34 year career that I was photographed by a black Photgrapher for vogue / condenast and it was a woman of color. Nadine it was truly an honor, I learned a new work ethic from you, a another style of how to be... I can’t tell you how nervous I was inside, I wanted to be able to hold up to what you envisioned and expected. The stillness and the quieting of oneself. This represents more than you will ever know!! Keep Rising Nadine. ❤️😍🖤 Shot Pre-Quarantine Photography: @nadineijewere Styling: @nathankleinstyling MUA- Fran Cooper Hair- Lorenzo Barcell Set- @heathmattioli @jnproductionglobal @kendallwstewart

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Petition to replace all statues with Ciara.

Terry Crews told Access (which I guess has dropped the Hollywood? When did this happen?!) that Brooklyn 99  is scrapping four episodes and starting over as the conversation around police departments, and TV shows centered around the police, have changed. Someone on Twitter (I can’t find the specific tweet now, sorry to that person) suggested the show just start its next season in an office, with no explanation. For the right show, that would be a very clever solution. I don’t watch Brooklyn 99 but if you do, where do you want to see it go?


Miley Cyrus gave an interview about being sober for the past 6 months because of a vocal cord surgery and also her desire to work through some sh-t. It’s an interesting trajectory because when she was a tween star, she had to be all “drugs are bad” and then as a young adult, embraced them openly, and now, as a 27-year-old divorcee who has lived some life, is choosing to abstain. This is where she’s at right now but as we’ve seen it is Miley, maybe more than other performer of her generation, who has developed a Madonna-like ability to evolve. Malibu Miley. Dead Petz Miley. Bangerz Miley. They are all connected but distinct eras. 

I know I just said it yesterday, but Britney is thirty(eight), flirty and thriving in quarantine. Do you love how she’s one and done with this video? Her boyfriend Sam interrupts her (accidentally) and she yells down to him but doesn’t do a second take. This is why we love her. At this stage in her life and her career, she has given us enough. We are thankful for the one-take wonder. 


Sarah wrote about Mel Gibson this morning and I totally believe Winona (I mean, Mel has done this multiple times!) but I had never heard the term he used before. You’d really have to use that phrase a lot to just pull it out at a party, no? Anyway, Seth Rogen makes a good point about Mel (though I do think Mel’s dad was a Holocaust denier). Apple, tree, etc.