What are the odds on Yoko’s World Cup prediction?

I usually like to let Liam Gallagher speak for himself but this thread is confusing, even by his standards. He was lamenting the state of rock ‘n’ roll (which he does often) and said Richard Ashcroft is one of the last proper frontmen. A (now deleted response) was “what about Freddie Mercury” and Liam called Freddie a “goofy c-nt.” He can take it from here. 




Halle Berry posted some photos from Bora Bora. She usually doesn’t show her children’s faces but in one shot gave a pretty clear view of Matteo. I don’t think this will be a common occurrence because not posting photos is a pretty effective way to foster disinterest and I don’t think Halle wants fans to be invested in her children, especially after all of the ugliness with the paps when they were younger. 


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A friend of mine saw Minka Kelly recently and described her as “luminous.” Minka and Mandy Moore have been friends for a very long time. Right now, things are a little lean for Minka – she just did a Hallmark movie Chad Michael Murray. For a long time, things were lean for Mandy Moore and now she’s on top of the network TV food chain. 


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Do you like your neighbours? I’m very lucky in that I have great neighbours all around – one brings us fresh, homemade pakoras every Sunday. Oprah is apparently a generous neighbour who shares her garden bounty and, on Thanksgiving, I remember an Instagram story in which she mentioned she was making an extra turkey for a neighbour. Was it Rob Lowe? He and Oprah live in the same area but Rob is selling. If you have $47 million, an extra Oprah turkey could be yours. 


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I was away this weekend, but checking in on the Beckhams. Let’s recap: A few weeks back, David and Victoria put on a solid front at the presentation for Kent & Curwen (David is a partner at the label). Edward Enninful and Kim Jones, two fashion heavyweights, were there because of years of relationship building on Victoria’s end. Over the weekend, David took Harper to the Taylor Swift show (Victoria posted the same one). Meanwhile, Victoria and Brooklyn sat front-and-center at Dior Homme with Kate Moss, Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell. Just a few seats down was Mary Charteris, someone with whom David was rumoured to have a “close friendship” with. David posted his support of the show, but didn’t mention Victoria or Brooklyn (clearly someone sent him photos from the front row). In the time they’ve been apart (including David’s trip to Asia) there’s been no photos or “miss you” captions. Why didn’t David make it to the Dior Homme presentation? While in Paris, Victoria has been having dinners with people like Carine Roitfeld and Virgil Abloh – it seems odd for David to skip out considering that he’s doing a lot more fashion work these days. Was he tired from his trip to Asia? Was it a commitment to bring Harper to the concert that had him in London? Was Brooklyn’s attendance a way for Victoria to deflect these questions? On Sunday, David watched the England World Cup match—he and his BFF David Gardner (whom Victoria is widely believed to despise) posted Instagram videos from the same viewing room. July 4 will mark the Beckhams 19th anniversary. We’ll see. 


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