Sarah sent this to Maria and me yesterday with one note: “LOL”. I couldn’t make it past 5 seconds of Jeremy Renner singing. Same goes for Sarah. Maria, who is on holiday, still managed to watch it, naturally, and is the hero who lasted to the end. Apparently Sarah and I missed some lighting effects. I’m OK with that. Are Gaga and Renner going to do a duet together? To be clear, I’m not asking for this. All I’m asking is for all of you to not let your wishful thinking about Gaga and Bradley Cooper get in the way of you paying attention to whatever it is between Gaga and Renner. 

Has it really only been a year since Julia Roberts joined Instagram? Julia’s Instagram is a Pride baby. Julia’s first IG post was about love. And her anniversary IG post is also about love. 


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Ratings were down for the BET Awards. Nicki Minaj is fighting with BET. So… she gloated – and then she posted a photo of herself in a Fendi dress with an excellent topknot. 



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I have a few questions here about Drew Barrymore and Drew, Justin Bieber’s fashion line. First… Drew Barrymore can probably relate to Justin Bieber. She too was a child star. She too struggled with early fame. She for sure would understand what he’d been through the last few years. Did she approve him using her likeness for his t-shirts? Like, did he have to get her sign-off? Or does the studio own her likeness from the film – which is another f-cked up angle about child stardom: that you can be a kid and be part property of a corporation. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a buzzkill. Cool shirt. 


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I want to listen to Thom Yorke all weekend. But also… it’s summer and, you know, Thom Yorke doesn’t exactly make summertime fun music. But some people are actually saying there’s more lightness to it than you expect. And, of course, there’s the Thom Yorke choreo:

Meghan Markle, supposedly, will be at one of Serena Williams’s Wimbledon matches. So she doesn’t show up for Trump but she’ll show up for Serena? I support that. Serena Williams just claimed the colours of Wimbledon. I also support that.  


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Just a couple of weeks ago, Maria was wondering what would be next for Nicole Richie. Answer: fashion judge. There are few celebrities I would co-sign to judge a fashion design show. Nicole is one of them. 


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I once posted a photo of my feet on this site and someone wrote to me that I scarred them for life. So I know how Chrissy Teigen feels about her feet. I have some ugly f-cked up feet. Chrissy’s feet are cute, aren’t they? Or is my foot radar broken? 


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