After a few seasons of the wet hair look, is volume back? Both Eugene Lee Yang and Chloe Grace Moretz are serving volume and it looks good. This might not work with long hair but it is balanced with the shaggy bobs. 


Reality TV fan and actress Jennifer Lawrence was on WWHL and it’s always a fun appearance because she shows up to play. In one segment, she mentioned that she sent Robert De Niro a baby nurse as a gift. Now we know Jennifer Lawrence anecdotes are chaotic and this might not be true because sending a gift like that to someone you don’t know very, very well seems kind of intrusive (do not send anyone to my door!) and also, are we worried that Robert DeNiro is up feeding the baby? No, we are not. 


No matter what you think of Alec Baldwin, his career, his personal life or his wife, we can all agree that being stuck on a tarmac for over 7 hours is a form of torture! 

After the full takeover of Fleabag and laying low for a few years, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is back. I wonder if the Mr. & Mrs. Smith remake comes up in this new Vanity Fair profile (very curious what happened with Donald Glover). Also the styling here? Very chic.


I read this Deadline story because I think Elizabeth Banks has an interesting career and there are so few plot details it’s intriguing. What is a “vanity thriller”???


The Battle for Wheel of Fortune has been won by Ryan Seacrest. (A reader tipped me off to the light filming schedule and this sounds like a really sweet gig.) Ryan makes a lot of sense but an Andy Cohen x Wheel of Fortune x Housewives crossover week would have been hilarious.

Noah Cyrus and her mom Tish Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus are all engaged (to different people). I didn’t even check on the status of the rest of the family because that’s already a lot. Imagine the amount of bachelorette party and bridal shower and co-ordination texts.


A-listers gathered to celebrate the A-listest of A-listers. (A Paul McCartney exhibit.)

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