Taylor Swift doesn’t often post off-work-hours photos on Instagram. So this one, with the caption “Friday calmness” likely has her fans all knotted, wondering what it means. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Is it possible that she just liked this photo of herself in these sunglasses (they’re good sunglasses) and a red lip and wanted to share it? Or… DOES IT MEAN SOMETHING, because it always means something!? 


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Did you watch the Democratic Debate last night? I had one eye on the TV and the other on Twitter because, you know, the memes. As Jezebel notes, “Marianne Williamson went full goop”. Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow considers that a compliment or not? Do you think Jane Krakowski considers this a compliment? I would. That character was amazing. 


And then there was Andrew Yang who didn’t get a lot of time. 

Nothing on Twitter could rival BTS though. BTS pretty much own Twitter these days – and the Army came through with the release of their new song, "Heartbreak". Not going to lie, I’ve watched the video three times. I haven’t cried yet though so I have a lot of work to do. 

Miranda Lambert with a relationship update to end the month. I can never remember her husband’s name. Brandon, right? 


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Lizzo’s lyrics are so good, it’s impossible not to shout them. And make a face, a face that goes with whatever it is she’s saying. Sometimes I worry if my Lizzo lyrics faces are inappropriate. When I’m in the car, if someone were to look over, I probably look ridiculous. But, again, you can’t NOT feel it with her words and the beat and her energy. I can’t wait to see her live. 


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When was the last time you developed real photos? I don’t even know where to go to do that anymore. It’s the one thing my parents might be able to answer before me. Because they still develop photos! If developing photos becomes a thing again, it means my parents are more on trend than me. 


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I think FKA twigs is training to be able to pull off a hands-free cartwheel…is that what she means by “aerial”? Whatever it is, it’s hard. But her cartwheels look f-cking effortless. I haven’t done an effortless cartwheel since I was 12. These days I need a loooooong running start. 


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Maria was pressed about being on holiday during the Beckham anniversary. It’s coming up next week! All seems fine though so Maria needn’t worry. David was pretty cute with Harper Seven watching England in the Women’s World Cup yesterday. 


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And finally… because it’s the weekend…and so many weekends lately have been won by Keanu Reeves – here’s the Disney Keanu that’s been missing from your life. LOLOLOLOLOL


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