Elizabeth Olsen and her husband wrote a children’s book, adding their names to a long list of celebrities who have done the same (Jimmy Fallon has a whole line of children’s books). Why though? Is it just wish fulfilment or is it because there’s a long residual tail on these books because people will oftentimes buy a book as a newborn gift, so they stay in circulation for years and years? Elizabeth doesn’t even have Instagram to promote it.


Who do you think Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez will vacation with this summer? No one loves an Instagram selfie with a movie star more than corny rich people. For Jeff and Lauren, I’m guessing Leonardo DiCaprio for one leg and then maybe Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom/Derek Blasberg. (Orlando and Leo used to do Cannes and sometimes Coachella together but Orlando got engaged in 2019 and then of course there were a lot of cancellations because of COVID.) Whoever has to arrange these travel schedules must be a wizard at logistics – moving people on and off the boat, room assignments, meal preferences, helicopters and private planes. That’s a full-time job. 


The Man from Toronto is number one on Netflix (which could mean anything, given how Netflix reports its numbers) - there are so many movies that are “number one” on streaming platforms that it makes the data seem meaningless. Also, this poster makes it look like a fake movie that plays in the background on a TV show. I love that gag so much.


If you want to follow Succession on Instagram, Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) and Willa (Justine Lupe) post the most content, but there are never any spoilers (besides location) because the storylines are so unpredictable, so the set location doesn’t matter. The season finale was so gutting than I forgot Willa and Connor are now engaged, which means there could be another Succession wedding. Nothing goes well for the Roy kids at a wedding.

Word is, Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick have split and they hadn’t yet made a public appearance together so I don’t think this relationship will stick in our collective gossip memories without a visual. But it did seem, from the bits coming out early on, that they were serious. 


Page Six is reporting that Nene Leakes has entered into negotiations with Andy Cohen, Bravo and the Real Housewives production team in regards to her racial discrimination lawsuit. I’m very curious to see how this plays out because there’s a lot of secrecy around the Real Housewives contracts (apparently, the pay for most of them is abysmal, with the justification that they should already be rich) and this could shed some light on how much the Atlanta cast, the first predominantly Black cast in the franchise, fares in pay compared to Orange County, Beverly Hills and New York (franchises that are made up of mostly white women). And there are other ways to measure how much a TV personality is worth paying and someone like Nene, who is a crossover Housewife and endlessly gif-able, adds a lot of value to the whole brand. Real Housewives of Atlanta has a huge and often-ignored cultural impact. Gone with the wind, fabulous!