She really does look like Jared Leto, minus the Gucci and the smugness. 


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Mia Farrow f-cked me up with this one. 

John Stamos is embracing the “dad who shows up to his college-aged son’s dorm to party” look.


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Goop Men has officially launched (it started a few weeks back with the goopfellas podcast – and I still don’t know if it’s goop or Goop, they style it both ways). This Goop man looks like he wants to have a debate about The Fountainhead.


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Fergie has filed for divorce from Josh Duhamel, which is kind of non-story because it seems like they’ve been separated forever (it’s been about 2 years). He’s dated again, semi-publicly, but she hasn’t. She’s kept a fairly low profile, but I still think she’s more famous than him. They are a classic example of how a B-list celeb (Fergie) can elevate a C-lister (Josh). Here’s the thing about Josh: many people think he is hot, but he is not more famous than Fergie. If you feel tempted to dispute that, I would say hotness goggles are affecting your judgement. 


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It’s sweet that Mindy Kaling let Ike Barinholtz into the Late Night premiere. 


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Imagine you are a parent at this concert, listening to an earnest but off-key performance – how are you not creeping these three? Come on – they aren’t exactly being low-key by lip syncing and filming themselves. 


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Chrissy is warming up for her court TV show. Luna Legend (is it Legend? Or does she go by John’s legal name, Stephens?) is a firm negotiator. She almost waivered after the first counter-offer but held strong for a compromise.


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