Yes of course Lenny Kravitz has a land line! And not just a landline, but a wall phone. This looks like an editorial from a travel/ fashion/ décor magazine, but it’s not staged. This is how this man lives most days. The hot sauce is Pirate’s Revenge, which I now want to try. Lenny is my hot sauce influencer.


We don’t deserve Lil Nas X. Period.  


I’ve mentioned Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett’s podcast SmartLess on here before because they have big guests (like George Clooney and Gwyneth Paltrow). Amazon recently picked it up in a multimillion dollar deal, which means Amazon and Wondery get the episode for seven days before it is available to other platforms. This seems very rich for such a short window of exclusivity, so I’m wondering if there’s more to it – like is there a TV development deal at play here? The podcast is meant to be a “winging it” style and all three of the hosts are pretty charming and know each other well so there’s that, but I don’t see how it’s worth $80 million right now? Maybe this is why I’m not a podcast mogul: no vision.  

Ms. Tina is everyone’s mom. She meant to text and posted this and then had to retroactively ask permission to post it to Instagram. Who would say no to her?


This legend had me at “absolutely the f-ck not” – Drake, where are you? Pour all your feelings about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky (because we know you have many!) into a summer banger, please. We need this.  

The Rock is making a Christmas movie with Chris Morgan, the screenwriter who wrote Fast & Furious 5-8 and Hobbs and Shaw. Wait – is this The Rock’s way of pulling the rug from under Vin Diesel? Like is this the same as Taylor Swift announcing a new album on Scooter Braun’s birthday? If so, I’m extremely into it.  


The woman who allegedly caused a crash at the Tour de France with her overly enthusiastic sign holding has been tracked down after she “disappeared” on a flight. How does one even disappear for three days in this day and age? I’d be found in three hours flat because of my phone. Anyway, who will play her in the movie, Amy Adams or Jessica Chastain (who is putting some work into her new TikTok account).