This isn’t about Jon Stewart or Olivia Munn or John Mulaney. It is about Malcolm, a very chunky cute boy. Look at his little toes touching. 


Olivia O’Brien, one of Pete Davidson’s exes (before Phoebe Dynevor), appeared on a podcast and the headline is “he broke up with her over text”; the actual quotes are much more positive toward Pete but it’s click bait. And for their generation, is breaking up over text even egregious? Gen X used to have the same debate about breaking up with people over email. 

We’ve talked about producer Randall Emmett in this space before, he’s a not-famous Hollywood producer of “geezer teasers”.  (And, if you watch Vanderpump Rules, he’s known as “Rand” the supposedly loaded ex of Lala Kent.) The LA Times has a huge expose on him that went live this morning and there’s so much detail and reporting that I can’t do it justice with a summary. It’s a fascinating read about a producer who’s still operating in a pre-MeToo universe and as if digital and paper trails don’t exist. 


Some people go on vacation but Rebel Wilson and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma are on VACATION. Italy, Turkey, Iceland, France are some of the stops and we know Instagram is not reality but the view, the outfits, and the glow look real. 

There’s a new Pitch Perfect TV show for Peacock set around Adam DeVine, which I’m assuming is testing ground for another movie? Peacock feels like a content hose (a term I stole from Sarah) in that its shows seem like they wouldn’t “make it” onto a more established streamer. 


Julia Roberts hasn’t been posting a lot but if anyone can lovingly badger George Clooney into joining Instagram, it’s her. And with their new movie coming out, the timing would be ideal. 

Sadly I’ve never started Love Island and now I feel extremely left out and don’t know where to start. Sarah Hyland will be hosting the US version for Peacock and her fiancé Wells Adams is a host for Bachelor Nation – it’s a reality TV dating show face off!


I do not understand people being crotchety about the photos coming out of the Barbie shoot, I think it’s absolutely delightful and the movie is going to be bonkers. Stylist Brad Goreski (who does a bang-up job with Kaley Cuoco) is already channeling a version of Disco Ken. This is summer fun.